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The Belarusian Women's League established in April 1998 and united women - supporters of the social democracy, well educated in human and humanitarian areas, with democratic views and beliefs. The main BLW's goal is humanization and democratization of the society, strengthening the nation's self-realization through education and mobilization of the socially active women.

Among BLW's achievements are:

  • Organizing its departments in 23 towns and villages;
  • Organizing effective help for poor people;
  • Educational and mobilizing projects with a purpose to help in building a civil society: «Political repressions in Belarus in the ХХ century»; Mutual understanding and reconciliation in Europe: past and present. The tragedy of totalitarian societies»; project «History not mentioned in workbooks»; «Chose a future for children and grandchildren», Women's Parliament.

The organization influences hundreds of people through active public work of its members: books, lectures, speeches on conferences, seminars, in the press, in small and big groups of people.

Leader of the Belarusian Women's League - Nina Stuzhinskaja.

Tel/fax: +375 (17) 226-40-65
Mobile: +375 (29) 686-40-65, +375 (29) 624-31-71



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